Help clean wounds dispel freckles melasma 100s

Help clean wounds dispel freckles melasma 100s

Product Code: Sheep Placenta 100v
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Function: Help clean wounds dispel freckles melasma 100s
Made in: Australia
Packing: 100 Capsules
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- Ad registration number: 1349/2014 / XNQC-food safety
- Functional foods: placenta CuuCuu - Sheep Placenta
- Ingredients: 3000mg / tablets
- Use: Support helps foster health, anti-aging prevention (cleaning traces dispel freckles). Help balance female hormones increase energy prolong spring.
- Usage: Day 1 - 2vien / day.
- Store in a cool dry place to avoid sunlight and out of reach of children.
- Packing: 100vien / box

- Target Audience: For women in adulthood
- Manufacturer: Ferngrogrove Phrmaceuticals Pty ltd.
- Address: 5 Ferngrove Place, South Graville, New South Wales 2142 Australia.
- Importers: Rossa International Ltd. Pharma
- Address: 35 / 9B Tran Dinh Xu District 1 HCM
- Hotline: 0989 513 789; Email:
- This product is not functional foods should not replace drugs medicines.

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